That's Lingo

Find a purpose beyond profit. Elevate your business to a feeling. Articulate it. Make it pop. And stick. What does that even mean?

By now you're probably asking yourself what's up with our mission statement. After all, it doesn't really sound like marketing jargon, right?

So, to clarify what a branding agency does, let's break it down:

01. Find a purpose beyond profit

Our ethos. The initial brand strategy phase. Our promise to help you identify what makes your business, clients and employees tick — beyond the money.

02. Elevate your business to a feeling

Aligning purpose across your organization to co-create an ecosystem that stands out and delights by design. Aka, your brand identity model.

03. Articulate it

Fine-tuning your brand story and messaging framework across social platforms to bring clarity and coherence to internal and external communications.

04. Make it pop

Designing a remarkable visual identity to represent a powerful idea on and offline.

05. And stick

Ensuring consistency in your brand identity model through launch events, employee engagement workshops, and brand style guidelines.

That's Lingo. Far from an overhyped get-you-to-rank-first-on-Google agency. Farther from a money-grubbing, by-the-hour design studio. Significantly closer to your goals and what you need to adapt, grow, or transform your business.